Podcast 289: Good Bad Ideas with special guest Carmen Gentile

This week on our motorcycle podcast we bring to you a whole batch of good bad ideas. First up we talk about our bright idea to rewire the entire garage, and turn our old gas pump into the first DC charger for Zero motorcycles. Then we hear from our guest, journalist and author, Carmen Gentile. He was reporting on the war in Irag and took a rocket propelled grenade to the face. Miraculously he survived. He and a friend, photographer Nish Nalbandian, went back to Iraq and bought a Ural with a sidecar to travel around war torn Mosul.
Next up we continue with the good bad ideas by announcing a new project we’re going to build. Jim has a DR350 with a dead engine, and we decided it’s time to turn it into an electric death bike. With the help of Brandon, Terry and others, we’ve got all the components to make this happen. Then Jim and Liza announce that they have purchased some electric mini bikes for doing stupid stuff on. Good idea or bad idea? Time will tell. Ural has announced that they are going to be releasing an electric version of their side car rig, and we all agree this is actually a good idea. Lastly, we finish with listener emails.
With Liza, Nak, Naked Jim, Bagel, Miss Emma, Michael, Bex, Maruka and Brandon.
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