Podcast 290: Crash and Scam

This week on our motorcycle podcast we bring to you another crash report. Our own Zee Traveler had a bad spill on the freeway, and her bike was totaled. She’s recovering, but we wanted to discuss gear. We learn from Zee’s crash that just because you’re wearing your gear doesn’t mean you’re protected. We also talk about what happens to your bike when it gets towed away after an accident. Be careful, because this is a whole other area to be scammed in.
We try out a new game where we ask Miss Emma anything at all, and see how well she can answer it. As you might guess, she had in depth knowledge on each and every subject. We finish up with listener emails, and one more crash story. Congratulations to this month’s Patreon Prize Pack winner, James Snell.
With Liza, Kelley, Miss Emma, Douglas, Henry and Naked Jim.
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