Podcast 293: Hanging Tough with Surj Gish and Fish from CityBike Magazine

This week on our motorcycle podcast we’re joined by Surj and Fish from CityBike Magazine. Surj had a low speed crash last year that has proved to be a test of his patience and will. He is finally able to walk again, but riding is still not possible. He shares his story of how he’s dealt with a long and frustrating healing process. We also hear from Zee, who’s back to fill us in on her recovery as well. Turns out having your legs run over by a car can do some damage after all.
And since Surj and Fish know a lot about things know little, we get them to explain what’s going on with AB1824, and clear up some of the wrong information that’s been going around. Surj also fills us in on his investigation on the legitimacy of the MIC’s announcement concerning the stats on women riders.
Then Fish talks about last years Dirtbag Challenge bike build, that includes a rigid frame and a 2 stroke pull start snow mobile engine.
Lastly we finish with emails and answer some questions.
With Liza, Henry, Nak, Miss Emma, Fish, Surj, Zee, Isaac, Naked Jim and Bagel.
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