Podcast 299: Doing Good Things

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are feeling the love, and giving it back. We’ve got some great guests who are all helping make the world a better place. First up we have Matt, a firefighter from NY who’s mc club, the Florian Knights, are raising money for the first responders who lost their homes in the California wildfires. www.floriansknights.com/
Then we have Paige and Brian Bouma. Paige works for Cycletrader, and together with her husband they have been fostering new riders by getting more kids into motocross racing at the track Brian manages. Cycletrader has been playing a big part in this, and even sponsors a racing team. www.cycletrader.com/raceteam
Next up we have our old friend Cat McLeod, of Leod Escapes. He’s here to give us advice on a moto adventure in the Alps. He’s got lots of great tips and tricks, and you can find the links to those here.
Cat’s Favorite Arrival places and bike rental stations for the Alps
Munich and Bike Travel Service Dirk Remmel and Crew www.bike-travel-service.de/en/
Milan and HP Motorrad www.hpmotorrad.rentals/en/

Items from the Tour Guides Bag
Anti Gravity Sport Micro-Start

MyMedic – The Recon First Aid Kit

Leod Escapes Two Spain Tours that can be combined into one
With Liza, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Cat and Naked Jim.
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