Podcast 302: WRWR, Dames, Kat and Mud

This week on our motorcycle podcast:
-Liza is back from the UK with updates on her weekend at the Women Riders World Relay kick off events.
-Rose from the Dames Don’t Care Motorcycle Collective shares some stories about some of their events.
-Kat gives us an update on her promotion at Zero, and tells us why she thinks the new Zero SR/F is the best bike on the road.
-Jim talks about his dirt biking trip today, where he tricked Mike into riding through a deep water hole.
-We finish up with listener emails and UTB bikes.
RIP Bosley! You were a good boy and will be missed.
With Liza, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Electric Terry, Rose, TJ, Naked Jim and Kat.
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