Podcast 304: Building an Electric Streamliner with Shea Nyquist

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are joined by Shea and his fiancee Amanda. Shea got a crazy idea to set a speed record by building his own electric streamliner. How hard could it be? Well, apparently not too hard for Shea, because he’s doing it. This thing will be fast. Maybe 300 mph fast. He’s going to be testing it out this year to see what it can do, but in the meantime you can follow him on his youtube channel, Istagram and Facebook.
We also share some stories from our recent visit to a Harley Davidson dealership, and what we’re working on in the garage. Congratulations to Drew Faulkner for winning our Twistedroad.com contest.
With Liza, Electric Terry, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Amanda, Shea, Jeremy and James.
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