Podcast 305: Moto Journalist Gabe Ets-Hokin

This week on our motorcycle podcast Liza shares stories from her illegal dirt biking trip in the Santa Cruz mountains. Then we here from our guest, moto journalist Gabe Ets, Hokin. Have you ever thought that these journalists have it made in the shade, getting all the free stuff and going on amazing moto journeys? Well, that’s partly true. Gabe shares stories from the road and behind the pen. We also somehow manage to get onto the subject of electric motorcycles. Don’t know how that happened, but coincidentally Electric Terry always seems to be in the room. Speaking of Terry, he shares a frightening experience that happened to him today involving a crazy person. Then again, it’s a blurry line as to who the crazy person is in this story. The one who attacked Terry? Or the one that rides around with a full grown husky on his tank? You be the judge.
With Liza, Electric Terry, Bagel, Nak, Gabe, Henry and Jesse.
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