Podcast 307: Helping Harleys and Awesome Rides

This week on our motorcycle podcast we find Liza alone at the garage with 2 broken Harleys. Listen to find out if she was any help at all.
Spring has sprung and there’s been some awesome riding happening. The kind of rides that find you taking the long way home because you and your bike are in the groove. Bagel gives a report on a group ride in N. Cali, Nak, Liza and Anna give a report on the MotoBird/Law Tigers adventure ride in Carrizo Plains during a superbloom, and Liza and Jim have ride reports from the WRWR Ripple Relay through the Santa Cruz mountains and coastline.
We also get to know our guests Joel and Anna, discuss their past and current bikes, and of course find out what their UTB Bikes are.
With Nak, Liza, Bagel, Anna, Joel and Naked Jim.
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