Podcast 309: And The Award Goes To……..

This week on our motorcycle podcast we are graced with the presence of her holy highness Liza, who was awarded the Friend of the AMA award and won’t shut up about it. But first, we’d like to bring you a message from the Motorcycle Safety Council, and remind you kids to always wear your helmets. Kat P. the human lawn dart, gives us a crash report. If there was ever a case of a helmet making the difference between life and death, then this is it. We are so grateful that she was wearing all the right gear and was able to join us this weekend to talk about it.
Next up we give a report on some of the highlights from this year’s Quail Motorcycle Gathering, including the previous mentioned award. (I told you she wouldn’t stop talking about it)
Then we are joined by our guests Jess and Justin, who are traveling around the country with two small displacement bikes in tow, and are riding them around the cities they are visiting. What a great way to travel, but of course when you spend $1000 on two old bikes, you’re going to expect some challenges. But that seems to just make it more fun for Justin.
Lastly, we read emails, and answer some questions that may or may not be helpful.
With Liza, Kat, Derrik, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Jess, Justin, Naked Jim, Douglas and Kat P.
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