Podcast 310: The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2019

This week on our motorcycle podcast we head on down to Carmel, CA for the Quail Motorcycle Gathering. This is a not to be missed event, and we go every year to meet cool people, see awesome bikes and get great interviews.
We start off with Rob Dingman President and CEO of the AMA, and talk about Malcolm Smith and how the AMA will classify electric bikes in racing events.
Then we talk with Jim Carducci, of Carducci Dual Sport Motorcycles. He made a Harley Baja Racer for Tony Gera, who will compete in the Iron Man event on this sweet bike. We all agree that this is a bike we’d love to kick a leg over some day.
Next up is Stefano Benatti, GM of Energica Motorcycles. Fellow Misfit Brandon joins us to learn more about this first of many electric bike companies represented at the Quail this year.
We checked out the Curtiss Motorcycles booth which included their new electric bike, and talked to CEO Matt Chambers about the transition from Confederate to Curtiss, and how their electric bike is truly different from anything else out there.
Helite airbag vests were there too, so we stopped by to talk to Knute about their new airbag jackets, which give you no clue to the airbag hidden inside. I predict that this will be a common thing in most jackets to come.
We stopped and talked to our friend Robb Talbott of the MotoTalbott museum. He shared some stories about some of his bikes on display, including a Montessa that was spared from the crusher and perfectly restored.
Did you know there’s a Canadian company making electric bikes? We didn’t either until we saw them at the Quail, where we met Jean Pierre, president of Lito Motorcycles, who told us all about them.
With Liza, Naked Jim, Nak and Emma.
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