Podcast 311: My Bologna Has A First Name with Cat McLeod of Leod Escapes

This week on our motorcycle podcast, we hear from Bex, who managed to escape death when a mechanic forgot to tighten some important bolts on her bike.
Next up we hear from Bex and Bagel, who give a ride report from the Mods and Rockers ride last week in San Francisco.
Then our special guest Cat McLeod of Leod Escapes shares with us tips for moto traveling in Italy. Live to Ride, Ride to Eat is certainly a motto here. He also has some great tips for packing, and renting a motorcycle.
Liza gives a WRWR update, and shares the story of an inspirational woman in Iran named Behnaz, Shafiei.
Lasty, we finish with emails and insults from Nak.
With Liza, Nak, Bagel, Cat, Sara, Bex and Naked Jim.
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