Podcast 312: 6 Hours From Death

This week on our motorcycle podcast we’re joined by listener JJ, who wrote in to tell us his story of escaping death. We thought it was so amazing, we invited him in to tell it in person. And he wouldn’t be here to do so if it wasn’t for his Spot Satellite GPS he received as a gift from his family. JJ also tells us about his ’47 and ’42 Harley restoration projects. But first, we talk about what we’re working on, and why one of the kids is going to receive a prank punishment next week.
Liza shares some deals she’s found on Ali Express that are hard to pass up on.
It’s time for Dueling Craigslist Porn Pics. Which one might end up in the garage next week?
And lastly Bagel reads a riveting email about a trip from hell that surely would have done JJ in.
With Liza, Nak, Bagel, JJ and Bex.
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