Podcast 317: Killing Squirrels on a Twisted Road

This week on our motorcycle podcast we start the show out with the bad news, and bring it back up all the way to the end. Sadly racer Carlen Dunne has crashed and died while setting a new record at Pikes Peak Hill Climb. This is a huge loss for the world. Also, one of our own was in a freak motorcycle accident, and we send our best wishes to his long recovery. Now lets take it back up. Oh wait, not quite done. Liza and Jim went on an epic ride and managed to kill 1 ground squirrel apiece. Condolences to the squirrels families as well. Okay, now we can take it back up. Mikey 3 Times bought a new bike that he’s going to customize and hopefully become Mikey 4 Times. Austin from Twistedroad.com has joined us to share all the updates and improvements that have been made since his last visit. Now you can find more bikes than ever in almost all the states (NY, what’s thee deal?) and you can get better insurance to make sure you are well covered. Check it out at www.Twistedroad.com
Zee has started a new group called Bunkabiker, where you can list or find places for fellow bikers to crash for the night (maybe crash is a bad choice for words for the biker community)
Lastly we finish with listener emails and go 3 for 3 in answering them.
Congrats to Wendy Crockett for being this year’s Iron Butt Rally winner! Stay to the very end to hear our interview with Carlin Dunne from last year’s Moto Bay Classic.
With Liza, Sara, Miss Emma, Austin, Zee, Naked Jim and Mikey 3 (soon to be 4) Times.
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