Podcast 319: Sharing The Love With Riders Share

This week on our motorcycle podcast we find out who got a new bike (it’s Naked Jim) and what kind of bike it is (It’s a Africa Twin). Liza learns a lesson about chain maintenance, and a question about what to call a group of Royal Enfields is discussed.
Our guest this week is Guillermo from Riders Share, a a motorcycle sharing marketplace. Rent a motorcycle or list your own to make money. We talk about the challenges he’s faced in creating this new industry. We also talk about different bikes you can rent, and which is the best for certain situations. Emma and Liza give advice on how to prepare your bike for renting to others, and how to inspect a bike you will be renting yourself. Lastly, we read emails and answer some important questions.
With Liza, Scott, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Guillermo, Henry and Naked Jim.
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