Podcast 320: 20 Questions with Mystery Guest Wendy Crockett

This week on our motorcycle podcast we play a little game called Guess the Mystery Guest with Wendy Crockett, who recently was the first woman to win the Iron Butt Rally. These riders are extreme nutters, and Wendy is queen of all the bad asses. She rode 13,000 in just 11 days on her FJR1300. She talks about what it takes to stay comfortable on a long ride, and also her plans to take her whole family on a moto journey in Central and S. America. For this we give her the cool parent award. What a great trip for her 5 year old daughter to experience.
We also talk about the Redwood Rumble Chopper Show, kids in Evel Knievel suits, being featured in the latest AMA magazine, pooping in a river, another possible engine teardown, two-stroke guy, and the appearance of a 79 CB750 in the back of Emma’s truck. And as a bonus, we throw in an Emma’s History Hole on the Honda CB750 for it’s 50th birthday.
With Liza, Bagel, Nak, Michael, Miss Emma and Naked Jim.
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