Podcast 326: Honda Museum Special Episode

The Misfits received an invitation from Honda to come down to their headquarters in S. Cali. So Emma and Liza headed down to LA for a weekend of fun. We got so many great interviews that we are going to split them up into their own mini episodes. This is the first of the series:
Our first stop was to the Honda HQ in Torrance, Ca. We headed into the main building to meet Colin Miller, who had invited us down. Just the lobby was impressive, with motorcycles, lawn mowers, engines and accessories on display. But this was just the meeting point. Colin escorted us out of the building as we headed for the Honda museum. We drove a short distance to the museum, and walked into the lobby. This is where we started recording, so you can listen in as we open the doors and discover what lies within.
With Miss Emma and Liza
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