Podcast 327: Nak Nak, Who’s There?

This week on our motorcycle podcast we share the story of a young man with no hope. He had been told that his Harley was done for, and he was completely heartbroken. But alas, in a last ditch effort of hope, he brought his bike to the Re-Cycle Garage to meet the wizard herself, Miss Emma. She looked the bike up and down, spun her magic wand and muttered the secret phrase “Potato-potato-potato”. And voila! Suddenly the bike was running perfect. All traces of it’s engine problems were gone. The boy rode off into the sunset and all was good again in the land of merry Misfits.
And also we talk about buying a used electric bike, who got a new bike, and who’s getting a new old bike. We read some emails and have fun with our guests from Canada.
With Liza, Electric Terry, Nak, Bagel, Naked Jim, Miss Emma, Angela, John and Raymond.
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