Podcast 350: Vloggers and Bloggers with Special Guest Jacqui Van Ham

This week on our motorcycle podcast we share some of our favorite vloggers, bloggers and youtube channels. We have found some fascinating, entertaining and informative channels on you tube and social media, so we wanted to share them with you. And we are joined be Jacqui Van Ham of the Choppertown Daily Moto News. She is always on top of the moto news and topics, and calls in to share some of the latest with us.
We also share some Africa Twin updates, Jim finds what may be the finest dirt road in all the lands, and we answer some emails in funny accents. But most importantly, we answer the question: Can you put a cat fez on a dog?
With Liza, Henry, Nak, Bagel, Miss Emma, Misa, Rose, Raymond and Naked Jim.
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