Episode 10 – Racing Across the Golden Coast

We head down to the races in Laguna Seca as we hangout with the Riders of Kawasaki. Megan learns a couple things from the legendary Keith Code. Get to know Zoe and her love for motorcycles. And find out about our roadside bike breakdowns in this weeks amazing episode of Motorcycles & Misfits!


Episode 4 – Going Too Fast; Passing Cars Left and Right

We’ve got a garage full of stories in this weeks Episode 4! Kicking off with a Ride Report of the Vampires Dark Ride. Listen in on our Police Run-Ins. Plus Biker Etiquette is a Go-Go, and we go over some of our favorite Crash Stories!

Guest Starring: Jon, Doug, Megan, Eason, Nak, David, Lucas, and Adrian
Your host Liza
Produced by Zoe
With Motorcycle at the Speed of Light by Flannel Kat

Episode 3 – Return of the Geeks

Welcome Back! We get to know Evelyn while she works on her bike. Listen to this weeks Crash Report with Doug, and get to know our favorite motorcycle moments in movies on this weeks episode!

Guest Starring: Megan & Doug
Host: Liza
Produced by: Zoe
Music: Motorcycle At the Speed of Light by Flannel Kat

Episode 2 – False Start

Welcome to Episode 2! Get to know Jon while he rebuilds an engine. We go over Liza’s and Jon’s top 5 bikes of the 80’s, and find out what grinds Jon’s gears! Plus we ride way to fast and pass cars left and right in this weeks Crash Report.

Guest Starring: Jon & Moti
Host: Liza
Produced by: Zoe
Music: Motorcycle At the Speed of Light by Flannel Kat

Motorcycles & Misfits – #1

The mission of Re-Cycle is to get old motorcycles back on the road and to teach people how to fix them. This podcast was started so that we could share with everyone the amazing community that has developed from this shared space. The common thread is motorcycles, and we are definitely a bunch of misfits that might not have ever met if it wasn’t for two wheeling. If you have just found us, listen and enjoy, and know that as time goes on we continue to improve the equipment and the sound gets better.