Episode 10 – Racing Across the Golden Coast

We head down to the races in Laguna Seca as we hangout with the Riders of Kawasaki. Megan learns a couple things from the legendary Keith Code. Get to know Zoe and her love for motorcycles. And find out about our roadside bike breakdowns in this weeks amazing episode of Motorcycles & Misfits!


Episode 6 – Papers Please

Megan tells us all about this weeks Ride Report with First Gear & Zoe. We all get to know Dan and his up the butt bike. The law shuts down our mini bike drag race. We get deep into debate about the worlds licensing system for motorcycles.

Guest Starring: Justin, Moti, Jon, Doug, Megan, David aka 1st Gear!
Get to know Dan
Your host Liza
Prodcued by Zoe
With Motorcycle at the Speed of Light by Flannel Kat