Episode 5 – The Zombie Apocalypse!

The Zombie Apocalypse is here and we choose which motorcycles to bring with us. Get to know the dreamy man we all call Laif. Listen in on Justin’s adventure through Bolivia with his BMW GS800 and hear about our prank wars in this weeks episode of Motorcycles & Misfits!

Guest Starring: Justin, Moti, Jon, Jim, Doug, Megan, David aka 1st Gear and Lucas!
Get to know Laif
Your host Liza
Produced by Zoe
With Motorcycle at the Speed of Light by Flannel Kat

Episode 3 – Return of the Geeks

Welcome Back! We get to know Evelyn while she works on her bike. Listen to this weeks Crash Report with Doug, and get to know our favorite motorcycle moments in movies on this weeks episode!

Guest Starring: Megan & Doug
Host: Liza
Produced by: Zoe
Music: Motorcycle At the Speed of Light by Flannel Kat